1. Management agrees, within 30 days of the conclusion of BPA-CPTC term bargaining, to meet with both the PDL and other affected bargaining units (i.e., those with employees in the field [not an office setting] who must work together with PDL bargaining unit members). The purpose of the meeting is to address the union’s U-27 proposal, as well as the interests or proposals of other affected bargaining units and the Employer. Both management and PDL agree to meet their obligations to bargain in good faith.

2. With respect to the Technical Career Program:

A. The TCP needs further development to assure a program that meets the purposes of Personnel Letter 511-7, dated May 16, 1996.

B. The Employer will review the need for future TCP positions periodically.

C. The Employer will publish material, within 60 days of contract approval, to advise employees on how to work with their supervisors to position themselves to more successfully aspire to future selection into TCP positions.

D. The Employer will annually publish a spreadsheet listing all filled and vacant TCP positions by title, duty station, organizational unit, area of expertise, and full performance level. The list will be published by February 1 of each year and will list all such positions as of the prior month.

E. The Employer will issue an annual reminder to all business lines of the need to allocate sufficient resources for training and development to ensure operation of the TCP in a manner that meets BPA’s short and long-term staffing needs for TCP positions.

F. The Employer will, upon union request, conduct a meeting between union representatives and senior management for the purposes of reviewing progress in implementing TCP programs and addressing any concerns.

3. The phrase " . . . bring matters of personal concern to the attention of . . . " in paragraph 5.04 is intended to cover identifying, presenting, and explaining an employee’s concerns.



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