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This section of our site is intended to briefly summarize significant accomplishments made by your active PDL members and union leadership on behalf of employees. There are many activities that we are involved in that will not be documented here. We attend dozens of meetings every year on your behalf. We want to give you a flavor for the many important contributions that union members make to the efficient operation of your government. Please notify one of your officers if you have any additions that you would like to make to this part of our site.     

Spring/Summer 1999


Bullit Image Developed and debuted new PDL site on the World Wide Web of the Internet. 
Bullit Image Discussed development of guidelines for duties of "team leads" with management.
Bullit Image Continued to press management to develop and use the Technical Career Path program (contract section 31.03 and recorded understanding #2) to get real people into higher graded positions. Conducted discussions with senior management (6/2/99).
Bullit Image Prodded management to document use of "Executive In/Out" parking privilege.
Bullit Image Assured compliance with new contract term (section 31.04) requiring BPA to post internal vacancy announcements at grade levels at least as low as external recruiting bulletins.
Bullit Image Commented on numerous reorganization and move proposals.
Bullit Image Provided input to the development of staffing plans.
Bullit Image Worked as team member to provide direction to development of new rewards and recognition system.
Bullit Image Negotiated new Office and Workstation Standards -- management proposed making the use of "open workstations" non-negotiable; result was no change to current standards.
Bullit Image Negotiated the withdrawal and expungement of an employee's official admonishment.
Bullit Image Attended Federal Labor Relations Authority training on revised Unfair Labor Practices regulations, scope of bargaining, and the relationship between the labor relations statute and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission matters.
Bullit Image Provided comments on numerous revisions to BPA Personnel Letters and BPA Manual chapters on a variety of subjects.


Fall/Winter 1998


Bullit Image Met with senior management to "discuss" our concerns on the initial draft of the AEP legislation in December and January. Resulted in management revising their draft legislation by removing any specific proposal to limit our scope of bargaining.
Bullit Image Negotiated new Collective Bargaining Agreement with BPA management.
Bullit Image Negotiated new Parking Program.
Bullit Image Negotiated changes to smoking program.
Bullit Image Developed and presented PDL position on BPA's "Administrative Efficiencies Project" to management.
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